Foundational Program for Struggling Readers, Sponsored by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Four grad students and I are working closely with product managers, data scientists, and researchers at Houghtin Mifflin Harcourt to improve System 44, a reading intervention program for struggling readers.

Intelligent Tutor for Naïve Bayes

With teammates Pankaj Ajit, Teja Talluri, and Napol Rachatasumrit, I developed an intelligent tutor to help teach intro-level students how to make a prediction using Naïve Bayes.

Educational Game for Electrical Circuit Analysis

Under the guidance of Erik Harpstead, I am developing a board game designed to teach strategies for solving problems in electrical circuits to students in intro-level physics classes.

E-Learning Module for Crowdworkers

Along with Julia Ridley and Pankaj Ajit, I developed an e-learning module to help workers on Amazon Mechanical Turk learn strategies to work more efficiently.

Two Week Intervention for 6th Grade Statistics

With help from Sharon Carver, I developed a two week intervention for a 6th grade statistics class.

Big Ideas in Educational Goals, Instruction, and Assessment

I compiled this document to aid the process of designing educational interventions. Each Big Idea is a synthesis of essential concepts from the course “Educational Goals, Instruction, and Assessment” (EGIA), taught by Sharon Carver at Carnegie Mellon University.

How an Acoustic Guitar Works Video

I created this video as instructional material for a project focused on teaching how an everyday object works.

Conversational User Interface Design

Three grad students and I designed a conversational user interface (CUI) and pitched the idea in a concept video.  

Alice Localizer Brains

Alice Language Localizer for fMRI

The Alice Language Localizer is designed to locate brain regions that are selective to processing language. It accomplishes this by playing intact and degraded speech samples through headphones while an fMRI scanner measures the BOLD response to each condition.

Fedorenko Website Screenshot

Fedorenko Lab Website

During my time as a research assistant at MIT, I built the website for the Fedorenko Language Lab and maintained it with Drupal Cloud.

Battery of Pragmatics Tasks

These online surveys are designed to measure pragmatic competence on several dimensions. We created two versions of each task to ensure that the measurements are stable across modalities.

An attempt to replicate a dissociation between syntax and semantics during sentence comprehension reported by Dapretto & Bookheimer (1999, Neuron)

I co-authored this paper with Matt Siegelman, Idan Blank, and Ev Fedorenko. I was involved in collecting and analyzing data, writing up the methods, and generating figures.

Social N400 for EEG

I developed this script to help investigate the N400 effect in specific social contexts.

fMRI Pearson Correlations

A robust dissociation among the language, multiple demand, and default mode networks: evidence from inter-region correlations in effect size

I co-authored this paper with Idan Blank, Kyle Mahowald, and Ev Fedorenko. I was involved in collecting and analyzing data, writing up the methods, results, and discussion, and generating figures.

Guitar Arrangement for Frozen Heart

It goes without saying that Disney’s Frozen is among the best movies ever made. I’m working on guitar arrangements for some of the songs.