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I compiled this document to aid the process of designing educational interventions. Each Big Idea is a synthesis of essential concepts from the course “Educational Goals, Instruction, and Assessment” (EGIA), taught by Sharon Carver at Carnegie Mellon University.¬†Overall, the ideas lay out what learning means, how to motivate learners, ways to ensure that knowledge in the classroom will transfer to other contexts, and important ideas to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of instructional methods.

From the course syllabus, EGIA is  designed to teach scientifically-based principles and practical strategies for:

  • developing learner models and educational goals based on detailed task analysis of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required for understanding and mastery,
  • aligning the instructional program and its valid assessment with learners and goals,
  • planning evaluation research to determine fidelity of educational implementation and efficacy of impact, and
  • considering contextual features of learning environments that may impact all aspects of the educational design process.