With significant help from Sharon Carver, I developed a two week intervention for a 6th grade statistics class.  This involved establishing a set of educational goals based on a detailed task analysis of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required to master Common Core standards in statistics. Then, based on a literature review of pedagogical research, I created assessments and instruction aligned with the educational goals. Finally, I proposed a research program to test the implementation fidelity and educational impact of the intervention as a whole.

Developing such an intervention not only requires knowledge of statistics and instructional principles for effective teaching, but also an understanding of learners in context. I chose to target concepts that students will likely have the most trouble with. For example, even if students can construct various graphs and charts, they often have trouble choosing which one best represents the dataset given the problem at hand.

This intervention combines eLearning and classroom instruction. It takes advantage of the strengths of each—eLearning provides instant feedback and personalized practice, while the classroom instruction and statistics project enable the application of material to personal interest and target dispositional goals.

The document is summarized in the poster below: