Category: Instructional Design

Foundational Program for Struggling Readers, Sponsored by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Four grad students and I are working closely with product managers, data scientists, and researchers at Houghtin Mifflin Harcourt to improve System 44, a reading intervention program for struggling readers.

Intelligent Tutor for Naïve Bayes

With teammates Pankaj Ajit, Teja Talluri, and Napol Rachatasumrit, I developed an intelligent tutor to help teach intro-level students how to make a prediction using Naïve Bayes.

Educational Game for Electrical Circuit Analysis

Under the guidance of Erik Harpstead, I am developing a board game designed to teach strategies for solving problems in electrical circuits to students in intro-level physics classes.

E-Learning Module for Crowdworkers

Along with Julia Ridley and Pankaj Ajit, I developed an e-learning module to help workers on Amazon Mechanical Turk learn strategies to work more efficiently.

Two Week Intervention for 6th Grade Statistics

With help from Sharon Carver, I developed a two week intervention for a 6th grade statistics class.

Big Ideas in Educational Goals, Instruction, and Assessment

I compiled this document to aid the process of designing educational interventions. Each Big Idea is a synthesis of essential concepts from the course “Educational Goals, Instruction, and Assessment” (EGIA), taught by Sharon Carver at Carnegie Mellon University.

How an Acoustic Guitar Works Video

I created this video as instructional material for a project focused on teaching how an everyday object works.